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Apostille Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Venice, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Beverly Hills, Culver City, Mar Vista, Marina Del Rey, Palms, El Segundo, West Hollywood, West Los Angeles, and all of Los Angeles County • Apostilles, Certifications, And Legalizations Fast!

Get your documents Apostilled, or Certified by the California Secretary Of State within 24 hours. Same-day service can be provided in some cases.

If your documents require Legalization by a Consulate, this will be handled as well. The processing time depends on the Consulate’s policy.

• Notarization Of The First Five Documents Is Free!

If your documents require notarization as part of the Apostille or Certification process, this will be done at no additional cost for up to five documents.

• Easy And Fair Fees!

You pay a flat fee of $150.00 for up to five documents. In addition, you pay the government fees (Secretary Of State) for each document.

Most Consulate visits are an additional $50.00 for the first five documents. In addition, you pay the Consulate’s fees which vary for each Consulate.

Some Consulates require that documents be picked up at a later date. For these consulates, an additional $25.00 fee applies.

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orin@westside-notary. com

If you have a document that needs to receive an Apostille or one that needs to be legalized by a consulate, then you have come to the right place.

Orin provides a fast, local Apostille service in the Los Angeles area. If you need an Apostille within 24 hours or prefer personal handling of your sensitive documents, then this is the service for you.

Let Orin take the hassle out of understanding what needs to be done to get your document Apostilled or legalized and let him spend the hours driving and waiting in line.

For many years now Orin has helped hundreds of companies and individuals here in California, across the U. S., and in other countries get their documents properly prepared and authenticated for presentation in other countries.

Apostille VS Legalization

When you have a document that is issued by the State of California, by a County Clerk Recorder in California, or a document that is notarized by a Notary Public for the State of California; that document typically needs further authentication to be accepted in another country.

The most common form of authentication is the Apostille.  The Apostille is accepted by countries that are signatories of the Hague Convention.  Here in California only the California Secretary of State is authorized to issue Apostilles.  For countries that accept the Apostille, no further authentication is required.

Other countries use various procedures to legalize documents.  Virtually all of these procedures begin by having the California Secretary of State place a Certification on a document.  Then, most involve legalization of the document by the consulate or embassy for your target country.  Some countries also require authentication by the U. S. State Department prior to consular or embassy legalization.


Whether you have one or up to five documents, Orin will get an Apostille or Certification on your documents for a single service fee of $150.00.  A $25.00 service fee will be charged for each additional set of one to five documents.

In addition, you pay the Secretary of State s fee of $20.00 per document. The Secretary of State also charges a signature verification fee of $6.00 for each signature they have to verify (usually just one*).

If your documents need to be notarized, this can be done by any Notary Public in the state of California.  However, Orin will notarize your documents at no additional charge to ensure that this is done correctly.

Orin typically charges an additional fee of $50.00 to vist most local consulates when legalization is required.  In addition, you pay the per document fees charged by the consulate itself.

Some consulates require a return trip at a later date to pick-up the documents. In this case, an additional $25.00 fee is required.

If your documents require authentication by the U. S. State Department, Orin can also arrange for this as well.

If you have any questions or would like a formal quote, please contact Orin at any time.

Whether you use Orin's service or not, Orin is always happy to answer your questions regarding document authentication!

Other Documents

A photocopy of almost any document can be certified using a notarized, sworn statement by the holder of the original document.  Original school transcripts and other documents not issued by a recognized State, or County official can also be certified this way.

You may have an original, official document issued by another state, by the federal government, or by a foreign country.

It is best to have these documents Apostilled or Certified by the Secretary of State where the document originated, by the U. S. State Department in the case of Federal documents, or by the appropriate official in the country where the document originated.

Even with a notarized, sworn statement or "Copy Certification By Document Custodian", these documents can be rejected by the California Secretary of State.

Regardless of the type or origin of your document, Orin can help you get the Apostille or Legalization you need.

* The Secretary of State charges $20 per Apostille plus a $6 counter fee per signature authenticated.  This means that you will typically pay a single charge of $6 per order regardless of the number of documents.  Sometimes, more than one official signature has to be authenticated within a single order.  In this case, more than one $6 counter fee will apply.

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